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We specialize in exciting land-based jeep safari tours, featuring a wide range of premium experiences for holidaymakers. The unique styles of each brand expose the customer to a vast array of tour options to suit their individual needs. The tours are suitable for families, couples, groups and especially the adventure seekers, both local and visitor alike.

Discover with us an astonishing way to spend one day visiting Cyprus in an unforgettable safari!

Our Jeep Safari is done by a 4 x 4 Land Rover Defender vehicles on forest trails, with the necessary accompaniment of professional drivers. The mountains of Cyprus are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road driving. We drive through the traditional little villages, off the beaten tracks to many mountain peaks, through thick forests and wild landscapes, down river beds stopping at remote churches, old copper mines, breath-taking water dams and other attractions along the way. Places where there is no shortage of stories of legends, culture, and tradition. 

We will pick you up from your hotel or any other place convenient to you and will also drive you back!

Put on your swimsuit and shorts on, good shoes (proper footgear), hat, sunscreen and follow us for an unforgettable ride!

Jeep Safari Tours

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    Troodos Mountains Jeep Safari

    Take a splash under the cascading waterfalls

    This exciting combination of land and sea excursion will have you in awe the whole day. Experience the East Coast of Cyprus from a 4x4 wd jeep safari which will take you to a luxury boat for a three-hour cruise. Cool off diving in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and built up an appetite for a delicious lunch.  

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    Kykkos Monastery Jeep Safari

    Light a candle at the holiest monasteries of the Island

    A Jeep Safari adventure to the most famous and Holy monastery of the island which houses the Icon of the Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke. Please note that modest attire is strongly advised when visiting monasteries and churches, i.e. no shorts or low-cut blouses...

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    Enchanted Lagoon Jeep Safari

    Take a swim in a mineral mountain lagoon

    This trip is for off-road adventure lovers. We begin our tour with our first coffee break at a small village where could sit with the locals together or take a walk in the village. Through pine tree forest we visit a small 17th century Chapel where you have the chance to light a candle and learn a little about the religion on the Island...

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    Taste of Cyprus Jeep Safari

    Gourmet, Tasting Tour

    An excursion through the most beautiful parts of the country. A day full of breathtaking scenery and tasting of cypriot specialties. We begin our journey with a stop at the charming village of Lefkara; Known as da Vinci village. Demonstration of the world famous lace and embroidery will be given along with a refreshment or Cyprus coffee.... 

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    Surf & Turf 

    Jeep and Boat Cruise to Blue Lagoon

    This tour is currently not available due to COVID 19 restrictions.

    Get ready for non-stop thrills, some light trekking to the top of Cape Greco the most Eastern Point of Europe with its stunning 360° views of the Mediterranean seas as far as the eye can see.

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    Cave Dwellers Mini Jeep Safari

    Explore the famous landmarks of Ayia Napa

    Join us on an in-depth view of Famagusta and the ongoing state of affairs with the Ghost Town and the illegal occupation of our Northern territories. Visit this once glamorous city with us, see the deserted hotels on sandy beaches and visit the Old gothic city of Famagusta. 

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    Oil , Lace & Donkeys Mini Jeep Safari

    Take a Ride on a Cypriot Donkey

    Join us on a short introduction discovering Cyprus culture, village life and traditions on this mini jeep safari. We begin our tour with our first coffee break at a small village where you could sit with the locals together or take a a little walk around. We then venture into the unkown up the mountains until we reach one of our magnificent reservoirs and its breathtaking mountain views.

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    Famagusta Mini Jeep Safari

    Mini Adventure into the unknown of Ghost-town Famagusta

    This tour is currently not available due to COVID-19

    Famagusta was once upon a time be Key and the Heart of Cyprus, the hub of the Mediterranean, the port that merged East and West, where the spice routes met the silk roads, where pilgrims and merchants met Kings, knights and crusaders; where Greek, French, Armenian, Genoese, Venetian, Jewish, Syrian, Catalan, Pisan, Turkish and Arab merchants lived side by side, each in their own quarter, celebrating within their own traditions, their own religions....

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    Famagusta Lost & Found

    Exploring the green line and the forgotten Ghost-Town Famagusta 

    A half day tour exploring the green line and the forgotten Ghost-Town Famagusta from afar. We commence our tour through the coastal resorts heading towards the traditional red villages, where they farm and produce the islands best potatoes, taro and strawberries. Go back in time while we visit old churches and traditional kafenia (coffee shops) among the modern shops where local men mingle and still play tavli (backgammon).


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