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“Sensational experiences from one side to the other”

Luxury Minibus tours offered all year round, for you to see and experience Cyprus with our expert local driver/guide in an exclusive small group.

Our goal is to ensure that all who travel Cyprus should experience our beautiful Island in the best way possible, left with memories to last a lifetime. We do this by offering our unique day trips in exclusive small groups, that way you will feel like you have made a friend in Cyprus by the end of your time spent with our experienced driver and guide.

All our min buses are spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned. They are also much more affordable and convenient compared to large buses. Cyprus is renowned for its narrow streets and sharp turns, mini busses have an obvious advantage: their flexibility and freedom on the roads, which ensures that you will be able to visit any place you want and that you can park rather easily. Minibus tours are also more convenient for people with reduced mobility, or for those who wish to stop when they see something interesting and fun.

Mini tours are indeed considered to be both safe and fun, hence, they are increasingly gaining fans all over the world.

Available mini buses:

Mercedes Viano (up to 7-8 pax)

- Ford Transit (up to 12 Pax)

- Toyota Coaster (up to 20 pax)

    Mini Bus Tours

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      Super Grand Tour

      Cyprus in a Day

      Join us on the ultimate island tour! See most of Cyprus in one day. This mini-bus tour will take you across the whole island from magnificent Troodos mountains, to holy Kykkos monastery, to traditional vineyards and many more amazing destinations!

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      Apostolos Andreas

      Castles, Turtle Beaches and Monasteries

      Join us for a memorable journey to the ancient castle of Kantara at the foot of the Pentadaktylos Mountain range. We stop for refreshments at Bogazi's old fishing harbor and take photos of the panoramic views during our climb. Entrance fee to the castle is included, giving you time to explore this magnificent Byzantine castle.

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      Occupied North Cyprus

      Apostolos Varnavas – Bellapais – Keryneia

      Begin the tour with a pilgrimage to the tomb of Cyprus' patron saint, Apostolos Varnavas. Explore the historical city of Keryneia at your leisure, including its beautiful harbor and optional visit to the Byzantine Castle.

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      Kykkos Monastery Mini Bus Tour

      Light a candle at the holiest monasteries of the Island

      Embark on a journey to the famous Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus, where you'll witness the Icon of the Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke. Explore rugged hills, picturesque villages, and pine forests en route to the spiritual sanctuary. Enjoy an off-road adventure to breathtaking waterfalls and end the trip with free wine tasting.

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      Tale of Three Cities Mini Bus Tour

      Nicosia, Kyreneia & Famagusta all in one day

      Not to be missed! You'll visit three major cities of Cyprus in one day. The divided capital Nicosia, the ageless city of Kyreneia and the fortified Venetian town of Famagusta, where you can visit the infamous Ghost town of Famagusta.

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      Famagusta Mini

      Mini Adventure into the unknown of Ghost-town Famagusta

      Famagusta was a thriving Mediterranean port that connected East and West, where diverse cultures mingled and traded. The city was home to Greek, French, Armenian, Genoese, Venetian, Jewish, Syrian, Catalan, Pisan, Turkish and Arab merchants, each in their own quarter, celebrating their own traditions and religions. Today, Famagusta's ancient walls, churches, mosques, and other landmarks stand as a testament to its cosmopolitan past.

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      Oil , Lace & Donkeys

      Take a Ride on a Cypriot Donkey

      Join us on a short introduction discovering Cyprus culture, village life and traditions on this mini jeep safari. We begin our tour with our first coffee break at a small village where you could sit with the locals together or take a a little walk around. We then venture into the unkown up the mountains until we reach one of our magnificent reservoirs and its breathtaking mountain views.

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      Famagusta Salamis

      For the lovers of History and Archaeology

      Join us on a guided tour that will take you into the hearth of the coastal town of Famagusta and Ghost-town. Visit the origins of Christianity on the island and experience the ancient city-kingdom Salamis. This excursion will take you through the centuries of history of Cyprus.


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